Super Bowl Avocados

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If you have not invited avocados to grace your Super Bowl party table, you are missing out. Cathy Isom tells you all about the single-seeded fruit that’s expected to be a big hit during the big game this weekend. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

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We know that nothing says a Super Bowl party better than chicken wings and beer, nacho cheese, pizza or chips and dip. Perhaps you’re looking for a healthier Fresh green salad with shrimp and avocadoalternative to score some points from party-goers. As soon as you walk into the produce aisle of your favorite market you should find rows of fresh avocados. And they’re priced to sell. I found mine for 33-cents each. They should be ready just in time for Sunday. There should be plenty to go around because Mexican producers reportedly shipped in a whopping 190-million pounds of avocados in the past four weeks to get ready for the big game. Whether you slice them up and eat them plain. Mash them with several different ingredients to create a guacamole spread. You are looking at about 234 heart-healthy calories per cup, or 1 whole avocado. Not to mention at least 20 vitamins and minerals. Two chicken wings fried in oil will also cost you at least 234 calories – and a whole lot of the not-so-healthy unsaturated fat.

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