Strong Egg Production in May

Brian GermanDairy & Livestock

The National Agricultural Statistics Service reports egg production in the United States for the month of May rose 3 percent compared to May 2016, totaling 8.86 billion.  Overall production was comprised of 7.73 billion table eggs and 1.14 billion hatching eggs.  Of that figure, 1.06 billion were broiler-type and 77.7 million were egg-type.

eggThe total number of layers for the month averaged 372 million, up 2 percent from May 2016. Egg production per 100 layers was 2,385 eggs in May, an increase of 1 percent from last year.  The average rate of lay per day is also up 1 percent compared to last year at 77.1 eggs per 100 layers.

As of June 1, all layers in the U.S.  totaled 371 million, an increase of 1 percent from last year. That number consists of 311 million layers producing market type eggs, 56.3 million layers producing broiler-type hatching eggs, and 3.16 million layers producing egg-type hatching eggs.

Egg production in California totaled 299 million in May.  That is an increase of 9 million from April and an increase of 2 million compared to the same time last year.  The number of layers totaled 12.3 million in May, which is a 1 percent drop from April, but a slight increase from May 2016.  Eggs produced per 100 layers for the month of May was 2,428.

All reports are available for free on the NASS website.