Strawberry Commission Awarded Grant

Taylor HillmanGeneral, Specialty Crops, Tree, nut & vine crops

The California Department of Food and Agriculture gives a big boost to the California Strawberry Commission
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The CDFA gave the commission a three-year block grant in the amount of $225,000, to help prepare growers and irrigators to meet the challenges of ever increasing water quality regulations and dwindling water supplies.

The commission’s grower education team will partner with the University of California Cooperative Extension, Monterey and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Irrigation, Training and Research Center to create and deliver a multi-class, irrigation and nutrient management education program in major strawberry growing areas across the state.

Findings from the Strawberry Water Assessment and Management Project (SWAMP), conducted over the last year by commission staff and research partners, identified key training priorities for this program. The first course to be offered this winter will focus on best management practices (BMPs) to improve and maintain irrigation system performance. Future classes will address irrigation scheduling, system design and fertigation practices, and other pertinent water management projects.

The California Strawberry Commission is a state government agency that represents more than 400 growers and 60 shippers and processors of California strawberries. With a focus on food safety education, Commission strategies also include production and nutrition research, trade relations, public policy and marketing communications.