Straw Bale Makes for Low Maintenance Gardening

Taylor Hillman This Land of Ours

A straw bale is a great way to create a garden if your space is limited and you don’t want to mess with soil. This low maintenance method will create a well-draining, moist growing environment as well as providing a lot of rich compost at the end of the season. You can put your straw bale just about anywhere. In a grassy spot or on any hard surface such as concrete or stone. Place the bale on a large piece of cardboard to prevent any weed growth from getting into or around the bale.

Next, you’ll want to condition the straw by using organic fertilizer or compost tea. The rich liquid breaks the bales down into plant-ready nutrients in just a few weeks. Finally, where plants are to be cultivated, use a trowel to form a small hole in the bale. Fill this hole with potting mix and put the seeds in it and wait for your garden to grow. At the end of the season, you’ll have a rich collection of compost to be used for more gardening or store it as the planting medium next year.

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