Stop Huanglongbing Before It Starts in CA Citrus

Taylor HillmanCitrus, General, Specialty Crops, Tree, nut & vine crops

Oranges on branchWith the threat of Huanglongbing disease, or citrus greening, hanging over California’s citrus industry, a leader in the citrus industry discusses measures we all can take to stop the disease. Sabrina Hill reports.

Stop Huanglongbing in CA Citrus

Citrus grower and managing partner of Greenleaf Farms, Nick Hill, says there are several ways to prevent the spread of Asian citrus psyllid, which can carry and spread Huanglongbing disease. He says growers and those working in the citrus groves need to take precautions to keep the psyllid at bay.

Hill says you don’t have to be involved in the industry to help stop the spread of Asian citrus psyllid.