States Sue EPA to Prevent Insecticide Use

Dan Industry News Release

statesA coalition of states has filed a legal challenge to a Trump administration decision to keep a widely used pesticide on the market in spite of studies that show it can harm the development of children’s brains. The coalition, led by New York, filed a motion to intervene in the legal battle over continued spraying of chlorpyrifos. The coalition says Environmental Protection Agency Chief Scott Pruitt violated the law by ending his agency’s efforts to ban the pesticide after federal scientists concluded it can interfere with brain development in fetuses and infants. Federal law requires EPA to make sure all food is safe for human consumption, especially children. Studies show that children are much more sensitive to potential effects from pesticides. Pruitt told Congress last month he made the decision based on meaningful data and science. Despite numerous requests from the Associated Press, the EPA hasn’t provided any copies of the data they based the decision on. Chlorpyrifos is commonly sprayed on citrus fruits, apples, cherries, and other crops. Dow, the maker of the product, did not immediately respond to the news.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.