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State of Organic Produce 2020 Report Released by OPN

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The Organic Produce Network (OPN) recently released its inaugural State of Organic Produce 2020 report. The comprehensive report provides insight into the overall performance of the organic sector in 2020.  OPN worked with Category Partners to help analyze the organic fresh produce sales data used in the report. The 68-page report provides an in-depth look at category leaders and a year-by-year breakdown of sales information.

State of Organic Produce

“Organic produce took center stage in 2020 retail sales,” OPN co-founder, Tonya Antle said in a news release. “The connection consumers made between their personal health and fresh produce is crystal clear in the data shared in this first-ever report. Organic produce is, and will remain, a key driver of retail sales.”

OPN had been providing quarterly updates on organic sales throughout 2020. The State of Organic Produce 2020 report takes a holistic look at the year and how the organic industry fared overall. Several informational graphs provide a snapshot of the success of organics in 2020. The report details region-specific organic produce performance, as well as year-over-year growth data comparing organic to conventional. The report also provides a breakdown of the top 10 organic produce items both in terms of sales and volume.

Along with important sales data, the report also contains commentary from groups such as the Organic Trade Association, Organic Farming Research Foundation, and California Certified Organic Farmers. Association leaders highlight some of the work performed over the year aimed at advancing and protecting the integrity of the organic industry. Retailers and wholesalers also provided insight on how they responded to the changing consumer landscape as a result of the pandemic.

In total, the State of Organic Produce 2020 demonstrates that it was a strong year for the industry with sales topping $8.5 billion. The report is available for download from OPN. Hard copies are also being mailed to nearly 1,000 retailers.

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