Starting a Hydroponic Garden or Farm

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hydroponicCathy Isom has some pointers on how to start your own hydroponic garden or farm. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Starting a Hydroponic Garden or Farm

Hydroponic gardens and farms are becoming popular because of their ability to conserve water and pesticide use while providing a medium for urban gardeners to grow fresh produce in small spaces.

Now that we know the advantages of this practice, the first step is to pick your system. Some common techniques for beginners include Ebb & Flow, Top Drip System, Deep Water Culture and the Wick System.

Next, you’ll need a light source. It is recommended that you buy a starter kit that will include all of the necessary components. Look for nutrients that will help your plants grow faster with an even yield.

And then, pick your medium. Two mediums suggested for beginners are Coconut Coir and clay balls. Called Lightweight Expanded Clay Aggregate, or LECA.

The cost associated with building your own hydroponic systems will depend on exactly what your needs are. Prices can start at as little as $100 dollars for something very basic. Of course, you can expect to pay hundreds more for something a little more sophisticated.

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