Start the New Year with New Year’s Garden Resolutions

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How to start the new year with some new year’s garden resolutions. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

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It’s that time again when we look forward to the new year and make our annual resolutions. It’s probably a good bet that eating healthier and getting more exercise are at the top of your list. The good news is, gardening can help you achieve both of those goals. Here are some ideas and inspiration to get you started on your best gardening year yet.

  • Starting with planting. Mix and match plants like never before. Figure out which plants work well together, and also work best in your area.
  • Another resolution could be to check out what is trending in garden design and incorporate at least one new idea in your yard or garden.
  • Start a garden journal. Treat yourself to a new gardening book. Take a gardening course, either online or in person.
  • Invite local wildlife into your yard by adding a bird bath.
  • Or, get involved with a local community garden or garden club.

A new year means a fresh start and new opportunities, in life and in your garden.

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Start the New Year with New Year’s Garden Resolutions