Spray Safe Events Provide Important Industry Information

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Spray safe events

Spray Safe events appear to be successfully providing important pesticide information to industry members. The response has been substantial to some of the recent Spray Safe events that were held in places such as Yuba City, Modesto, and Tulare.

“I’ve seen several hundred folks at all of these different events and that’s a really good thing,” said Val Dolcini, Director of the California Department of Pesticide Regulation. “They’re taking opportunity, obviously during the winter months, to bring people in and talk about how to best use air blast sprayers, or to talk about Paraquat, or to talk about decontamination issues.  The agendas are all really quite comprehensive too, so they’ve been great events.”

Several more Spray Safe events are scheduled over the coming weeks and months. Dolcini noted that the events are designed “to really emphasize the message that these are important tools for agriculture and using them safely and using them in a smart manner, and using them appropriately really, is the way to go.”

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