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South Korea Presents Big Opportunity for California Rice

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california rice

Along with a strong finish to harvest, California rice growers also received some good news with increasing access into the South Korean market.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture is reporting that under the agreement, South Korea will provide access for more than 130,000 tons a year of American rice, with an annual value of approximately $110 million.

“South Korea’s a really big market for California rice and that trade agreement that was announced is good news for our industry,” said Jim Morris, Spokesperson for the California Rice Commission.  “Having a very large market like Korea sown up with this agreement that’s going to go forward starting the 1st of next year, that really helps set the table well for the other markets we’re working at.”

Exports are an important aspect for California rice producers, accounting for approximately half of the marketing that is done for the crop.  “The overseas markets are a lot of work, there’s a lot of discussion, but they’re also very rewarding for our industry too as they are for much of California agriculture.  So, having South Korea in place with a solid agreement that’s very, very helpful for our industry,” said Morris.

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