Favorable Western Snow-pack Build Up Continues

Taylor Hillman Drought, Environment, Water, Weather

Moderate storms this week will add to the snow-pack totals along the Pacific Coast states. Rod Bain reports.

Favorable Western Snow-pack Build Up Continues

Good news is expected for the Pacific Coast states in terms of needed winter precipitation snow-pack and replenishing water reservoirs “We continue to get a pretty good onslaught of Pacific storms,”

When USDA meteorologist Brad Rippy noting the most recent activity and falls a northern shift of the jet stream which “Is position to deliver some additional beneficial moisture to the Pacific Northwest, as well as the interior and northwest and also in Northern California”

Several weak to moderate systems this week are expected to bring up to 2 to 4 inches of rain or snow from Northern California up to the northwest and smaller amounts spilling into the Northern Rockies, “All this translating into the most optimistic Western run-off outlook that we have seen in many years. Specifically going all the way back to the early 2010’s when we had a couple of good years in a row then. So the good news continues for California. The drought’s not over, but we made a little bit of progress against the drought.”