Smithsonian – “Ask a Farmer”

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American Enterprise Exhibit – Image from Flickr.

Cathy Isom tells us about the Smithsonian Museum program connecting agriculturists with visitors in the nation’s capital. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Smithsonian – “Ask a Farmer”

From: Smithsonian-National Museum of American History

Ask A Farmer

Ask A Farmer connects museum visitors to farmers nationwide for real-time conversations about American agriculture. 


American Enterprise Exhibit – Image from Flickr.

Curious about where your food comes from? How are farmers innovating American agriculture today? Ask a Farmer is a public program at the museum where we video chat with farmers from their homes and fields across the country. Join us to hear directly from farmers about the motivations and challenges of their work. This program relates to agricultural artifacts and stories in the museum’s exhibition American Enterprise on the first floor of the museum.


Ask a Farmer is held biweekly on Fridays (with the exception of Thursday, March 31) at 2:00 pm on the Wallace H. Coulter Performance Plaza on the first floor of the museum.

Upcoming event:

April 29: Daniel Bays, Bays Ranch  Westley CA
2:00 pm; Coulter Performance Plaza

Daniel is a fifth-generation farmer working with his father and grandfather in Westley, CA. Their farm grows apricots, almonds, walnuts, tomatoes, lima beans, melons, and wheat hay.

This video is part of the Good Fruit Grower series.

Daniel Bays is a fifth generation farmer and part owner with his father and grandfather from Westley, California. Daniel talks about how the farm is dealing with drought and the possible transition to mechanized harvesting.

Past Smithsonian “Ask A Farmer” Programs

Ask a Farmer and other agricultural programming is made possible through generous support from: John Deere