SLO Deals with Additional ACP Finds

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Asian citrus psyllid on leafCitrus growers around the state are watching San Luis Obispo County now, as more Asian citrus psyllids are discovered in the area. Sabrina Hill has more.

Additional Asian Citrus Psyllid Discoveries in San Luis Obispo County

The psyllids were first found in the area back in March, then a second adult found earlier this month. Now, California Department of Food and Agriculture officials say there has been another find in three locations in the northeast part of the county, with psyllids in a life stages. This is especially bad news because it shows a breeding population of psyllids.

Parts of the county are already under a citrus quarantine, which is also the case for several other counties around the state.

The Asian citrus psyllid can carry and spread Huanglongbing disease or HLB, which kills citrus trees. So far, only one tree in California has been confirmed with HLB. That was in Los Angeles County in 2012. However, the disease has devastated citrus industries in other areas, such as Florida and Brazil.

Huanglongbing and the Asian citrus psyllid are key topics at this year’s Citrus Expo, which starts today in North Fort Meyers, Florida. The Citrus Expo is held each year by our parent company, AgNet Media. Taylor Hillman flew out to Florida for the event. He will be bringing us reports on the latest research into ACP control and HLB prevention. Keep listening to your AgNet West station, or follow us on twitter, for updates.