SJV Water Blueprint Submitted for Water Resilience Portfolio

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Friant-Kern Canal Agriculture Landscape

The Water Blueprint for the San Joaquin Valley recently presented recommendations for the Water Resilience Portfolio in response to Governor Newsom’s Executive Order.  The information sent to the Governor’s office highlights some of issues facing water security in the San Joaquin Valley.  Some of the Blueprint coalition participants include the California Farm Bureau Federation, Western Growers Association, California Citrus Mutual, and Dairy Farmers of America. 

The group has developed a wide-ranging plan which provides elements for a comprehensive valley water portfolio.  The document also highlights the serious economic impact that California water issues are having on agriculture and rural communities.  The blueprint includes the restoration of essential conveyance capacity, new infrastructure, enhanced water management, and policy and regulatory changes to expedite the process.  The coalition will be working closely with the Newsom Administration to align the Blueprint with the evolution of Water Resiliency plans.

Listen to the report below.

SJV Water Blueprint Submitted for Water Resilience Portfolio
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