Significant Increase to HLB Quarantine

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HLB Quarantines have slightly increased over 2019, but a recent expansion was of considerable size. The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) announced a new Huanglongbing (HLB) disease quarantine expansion in Southern California over a hundred square miles. The new area is centered around the city of Corona in Riverside County. CDFA said the quarantine is a result of several residential trees that tested positive for HLB disease. The trees are the first found with the condition in the city of Corona. 

The new quarantine expansion is a 107 square-mile section added on to the east side of the current quarantine area. CDFA said the new portion is bordered on the north by the Chino Airport, on the south by Black Star Canyon, and the east by Interstate 15. 

Under current protocol, CDFA staff treated all citrus trees within 400 meters surrounding the new HLB detections for the Asian citrus psyllid and removed the infected trees. You can view the California HLB quarantine map and get all the information about quarantines, the pest, and the disease at

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