Ireland Allowed to Ship Beef for Grinding to the U.S.

Taylor Hillman General, Hogs & Pork, Industry News Release

 Ship Beef
Ireland’s government announced last week that beef processors in the country can now also ship beef intended for grinding to the United States.

Meatingplace reports improved access for Irish processors came after the U.S. recognized Ireland’s raw meat controls as equivalent to those of the United States. Previously, after lifting its BSE ban on Irish beef in March 2014, the U.S. government in January 2015 reopened its borders but limited imports of Irish beef to intact product. The decision allows both sides to approve Irish beef plants to export beef intended for grinding to the United States. Six processing plants in Ireland are currently approved. Ireland’s 2015 beef exports to the U.S. are estimated at more than $15 million, and officials there say “2016 looks to be considerably improved on that figure.”


From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting news service