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Shifting Focus: Avocados Rethink Promoting Industry Amidst COVID-19

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The current restrictions surrounding the ongoing pandemic is changing how associations promote their industries. The COVID-19 social distancing and shelter at home recommendations are impacting everyday life around the state, but the season continues for agricultural products.


California avocados are in the middle of what’s looking like a good year for producers, and the recent rains are supporting that. “Absolutely. You know the growers in the south were hoping for more rain. You know, February was dry, and they were hoping for more rain to get the fruit to size up well,” California Avocado Commission President Tom Bellamore said. “We now have gotten several bouts of good rain in the south in San Diego and Riverside Counties.”

The commission still needs to do their job of supporting the industry during these times, and life under social distancing has changed their tactics. “We really have gone back in and rethink everything. An example is that typically as we start our campaign for the year, we would be looking at various media and outdoor billboards would be one component of that,” he said. “Right now, we have shifted to streaming video and more digital activations because people are home and not out on the road. That’s just one small example of the wholesale reevaluation of our programs and approach.”

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Specialty Crop News ~ 04.01.2020
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