Sheep Industry Input Needed to Update Targeted Grazing Handbook

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The American Sheep Industry (ASI) Association is seeking industry input in the development of a new resource for producers. ASI is working to develop a second volume of its Targeted Grazing Handbook. The resource was first introduced back in 2006 as a compilation of the latest research highlighting the value of targeted grazing. The handbook serves as a reference for those interested in getting involved in targeted grazing, and also provides helpful information for best practices of established grazers.

Chapters of the handbook cover a variety of subjects including animal husbandry, application of prescribed grazing, labor requirements, and monitoring plant landscapes. As targeted grazing has gained more interest in recent years, research and experience have improved to provide better guidelines for the practice. ASI is encouraging participation from those involved in targeted grazing in order to provide the most comprehensive resource as possible. Information provided as part of the ongoing survey can remain completely confidential.

Listen to the radio report below.

Sheep Industry Input Needed to Update Targeted Grazing Handbook
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