Several Factors to Blame For Bee Decline

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Is it GMOs, a certain pesticide, a genetic disorder? What exactly is causing the decline of honey bee health? Sabrina Hill reports.
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Scientists, experts, and a comprehensive study just released by the USDA and EPA together, all agree, there is no one cause for the problem. Rather, it’s several factors working together that are causing the decline.

Dr. May Berenbaum of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign is part of a group of scientists that has closely studied bee decline since 2006. She says empirical scientific data collected over several years shows there is no singular cause for the decline, despite what other media organizations my have reported.

The study by the USDA and EPA says stress on hives is the reason for bee decline, and that several factors contribute to that stress. Those stressors include parasites like mites in the hives, disease, poor nutrition, the use of some pesticides during a particular life stage, and a lack of genetic diversity in the bees.

The study also says more information is needed to find solutions for these problems.

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