Senate Approval of Growing Climate Solutions Act an ‘Important Step’

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Climate Solutions Act

The Senate approval of the Growing Climate Solutions Act is being described as an “important step” for helping farmers and ranchers navigate carbon markets. The Growing Climate Solutions Act is meant to help producers better understand and access carbon markets, while also helping the environment and improving farm income. There is hope that the House of Representatives will move forward with a companion bill, to begin implementing the provisions.

“We believe this is an important step to set some rules of the road for how these programs would operate so growers know who are some legitimate partners that they can work with in this space,” said Reece Langley, Vice President of Washington Operations for the National Cotton Council. “This legislation if enacted, would allow USDA to start establishing a certification and verification process for how private carbon markets are supposed to be structured and who are some specific service providers that growers can work with if they would like to participate in the increasing number of private carbon markets.”

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Senate Approval of Growing Climate Solutions Act an ‘Important Step’
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