Runoff Forecasts Encouraging for Western US

Taylor Hillman Water

Water Runoff Forecasts
Many Western states have favorable spring and summer runoff forecasts to start the new year, per USDA. Rod Bain and meteorologist Brad Rippey have the report.

Encouraging Western Water Runoff Forecasts

USDA’s first Western Spring & Summer stream flow forecast for 2016 is out and according to meteorologist Brad Rippey, “That kind of reiterate the fact we had this great start to the wet season across the Northwest.”

With Maine Northwest River Basin stretching east of the Northern Rockies expecting normal to significantly above normal run off. “And that should serve to fill some of those reservoir that is still a bit on the low side across  Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.”

Meanwhile  less favorable run off season is noted for the eastern slopes of the Rockies. “Where runoff at this early stage in the game is expected to be somewhat below average. ” Average runoff is expected in California.

“Even when you move into the Southwest there as well, we’re expecting average to above average runoff, so the west as a whole most optimistic right off season that we’re facing here in about 5 years.”

Rippey adds as well as drought is shrinking in the west, “We like to see even more storminess and some of the hardest hit for your drought areas of California and the Great Basin.”

Rob Bain reporting for the US Department of Agriculture in Washington DC