Ross Updates Almond Industry on Focus

Taylor Hillman Environment, Tree, nut & vine crops

Almond Industry
California Agriculture Secretary Karen Ross updated the almond industry on the governor’s agriculture projects and focus moving into next year. Ross said fiscal stability and climate change continue to be major influences.

Ross said fiscal stability has been the first priority for Governor Brown and will remain so moving into 2017. “The governor is very transparent, and his priorities have been very well stated. First and foremost, it’s fiscal stability,” she said. “I think those of us in the agriculture sector have appreciated the discipline we’ve shown to get us back into balance, and it takes a lot of work to keep it that way.”

Climate change will also remain a key influence for the state’s policies and projects. Ross said finding a balance between dealing with climate and keeping a thriving economy is key. “For us at the Department of Food and Agriculture, we’ll be continuing to give out the statewide water efficiency program grants to help growers improve water efficiency. We will continue the dairy digestor program that turns methane into low-carbon transportation fuels and other energy forms,” she said. “And there is a new one with an investment into a healthy soil initiative on a statewide basis that’s really looking at agriculture as part of the solution, part of sequestering carbon and rewarding farmers on their good stewardship practices.”