Rose for the Holiday

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Golden Valley Roses mini tree rose
Golden Valley Roses in California has reinvented the wheel when it comes to how they grow mini rose trees. Cathy Isom has tells us about a rose farmer’s 10-inch-tall creation. A new take on an old bloom.

After taking a turn inside, these specimens can be planted outside for ongoing enjoyment.

Holiday Rose

Grown with expert care on their small, family-operated farm in Bakersfield, Golden Valley takes special care with their roses. They use a specially designed tray to give the plants maximum chance of development. Open on the bottom, the trays allow for air pruning of roots. This avoids the ball-like effect common to many potted plants.

This also lays the foundation for a gorgeous, hardy, long-lasting plant that provides enjoyment to owners year after year. For those that live in areas that see snow, these roses can be planted in 3-gallon containers and overwintered inside until weather permits planting outdoors.
They’re ideal as gifts for the holidays and hardy enough to transplant to the garden after they’re enjoyed indoors.

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