Ride the Bus to SWRCB Hearing in Sacramento

Taylor HillmanGeneral

A recent decision by the Tom Howard, Executive Director of the State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB), will limit water deliveries for San Joaquin Valley farm irrigation.

On Wednesday, February 18th at 9 AM in Sacramento, the SWRCB will hold a Hearing. In order to bring attention to this devastating decision, your attendance is needed.  California Latino Water Coalition has coordinated bus transportation to this event from various points in the Valley to Sacramento with arrival for the 9 AM meeting.

Please review the flyer below and contact one of the names listed below if you would like to attend.  If you’d like more detailed information regarding this decision, a thorough read can be found HERE at California Farm Water Coalition’s recent blog about reversing this staff decision to deny limited water supply deliveries.

Bus Transportation will be available from the Valley. For information and to make a reservation for your seat on the bus, please call:

In Fresno – Nisei Farmers League (559) 251-8468

In Firebaugh and Los Banos – Janie Fleming (559) 217-6478 or Leti Alfaro (209) 587-6049

In Mendota – Mayor Robert Silva (559) 630-0861

In Kings County – Supervisor Richard Valle (559) 362-4664

In Delano – Mario Santoyo (559) 779-0701

In Orange Cove – June Bracamontes, City of Orange Cove (559) 626-4288 or Fergus Morrissey, Orange Cove Irrigation District (559) 280-7282.

Gayle Holman

Public Affairs Rep

Westlands Water District

(559) 241-6233 (office)