Citrus Continues to Fund HLB/ACP Research

Taylor Hillman Citrus, Pest Update

Citrus industry leaders expressed how their research funding allocations have changed since 2008 and continue to devote money to fight huanglongbing and the Asian citrus psyllid.

The Citrus Research Board (CRB) partnered with the University of California Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources to bring the industry the 37 annual Post-harvest Pest Control conference. The event brought researchers from South Africa, Florida and around the state of California together to give the latest information on research looking at the biggest issues in citrus production.



CRB President Gary Schulz talked about the role of the board and the continuing support they offer to the industry. A lot of research is focused of course on finding a cure huanglongbing (HLB) and managing the Asian citrus psyllid (ACP) that spreads the disease. ACP was found in California in 2008 and Schulz says CRB at the time allocated 19% of their total research funding specifically for ACP and HLB projects. Since then the group has drastically shifted their focus to help the industry and Schulz says over the last three years the board has dedicated 67-77% of their yearly funding, which is over $5 million dollars a year, to this serious industry threat.

Schulz added that the board will continue to abide by their mission which is to ensure, improve and protect the economic viability of the California citrus industry.