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Republicans Set for Battle Over Immigration

Dan Industry News Release

An article in the Wall Street Journal says Republicans are getting set for a battle over legal immigration. The debate is going to hinge on whether or not Republicans believe foreign workers are a driver for economic growth as business groups say, or if they consider foreign workers as competition for American workers, a position held by the populist wing of the GOP. The business side of the debate is waiting to see if the Trump administration will use executive power to change the legal immigration system and what kind of support for immigration policies remains in Congress. Supporters of legal immigration want expanded opportunities to get green cards and to expand visa programs to get more access to workers. Critics of the plan say expanded access to foreign workers will displace American workers. Milk Business Dot Com says some Republicans argue that immigrants fill jobs that most Americans don’t want, especially in American agriculture. Most Democrats appear to support higher visa numbers, but labor unions have voiced concerns over the impact on U.S. jobs.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting news service.