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Representative David Scott on Climate and Agriculture

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The climate and agricultural resilience. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

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The House Agriculture Committee recently held a hearing titled “The Role of Climate Research in Agricultural Resiliency.” In his opening statement, Chairman Representative David Scott of Georgia gave his thoughts on the importance of the topic.

“Climate change poses a threat to our farmers, ranchers, and foresters; and the production of our food, fuel, and fiber,” he said in his written statement. “Currently, many communities across the country are struggling with droughts, wildfires, temperature extremes, and altered patterns of pest pressure exacerbated by climate change. Unfortunately, this has only increased as natural disasters and changing weather conditions continue to impact our country and our planet.”

He also explained why he feels research is important.

“Make no mistake, changing weather patterns and increased natural disasters have, and will, continue to impact our food and agricultural systems and our supply chains. That is why research is so important – to understand the challenges, test theories, build resiliency, develop solutions, and take advantage of opportunities,” he said.

This week, we’ll hear from several experts who testified at the hearing

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Rep. David Scott on Climate and Agriculture

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