Report Shows Improvements in Animal Welfare, Quality and Sustainability

DanCattle, Industry News Release

A new report released this week highlights producers’ commitment to animal welfare, beef quality, sustainability and community involvement by America’s cattlemen and women resulting in responsibly raised beef.

reportThe Cattlemen’s Stewardship Review, funded by the Beef Checkoff and completed in late 2017, compiles data collected from cattlemen and women across the country. The first survey, completed in 2010, set a benchmark for the cattle industry.

The new report shows that in the years since, improvements have been made in all four areas of the cattle industry. In addition, the report includes a comprehensive profile of the beef community today, the impact of beef production to the U.S. economy, and the research-based tools and resources used to raise beef.

National Cattlemen’s Beef Association CEO Kendal Frazier says the survey shows “an overview of producer commitment and progress across the cattle industry.”

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.