regenerative agriculture

Understanding Regenerative Agriculture as a Farming System

Dan Research, Soil

regenerative agriculture

There is a growing interest in regenerative agriculture practices which may be the next step in farming, further advancing sustainable farm systems already in place.  “Regenerative agriculture is really taking a look at the entire system; the biological system of your farming and ranching operation,” said Former Noble Research Institute President and CEO, Bill Buckner. 

While the practices are similar to sustainable agriculture methods, regenerative ag applies management techniques to restore systems such as soils.  “With today’s technologies, and this has just been in the last five years with the improvements in high throughput sequencing as well as machine learning, there are a lot of fascinating companies out there that are beginning to map the genome of the microbiome in soil,” Buckner noted.  “Understanding that balance and what it takes to create that balance will help us better make more informed decisions.”

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