Record Numbers for Beef, New Japan Regs

Taylor Hillman Cattle, General

beef industry
After dealing with low heard counts and record high feed costs in 2012, expectations of record export numbers and new regulations from Japan mean 2013 may be a much better year for the beef industry. Sabrina Hill reports.
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Beef exports are already set hit record-breaking sales for 2012, as the final numbers are expected to show more than $5 billion in export sales. And now, Japan announces it’s relaxing its trade restrictions for US beef. Starting Feb. 1, Japan will begin accepting beef and beef products from cattle under 30 months of age. It is estimated that this change will result in hundreds of millions of dollars in additional exports of U.S. beef. For 2012, Japan was the second largest export market for U.S. beef, totaling more than $849 million.