Record Crop Value in Sacramento County

Brian GermanAgri-Business, Commodity Report

The 2016 Crop and Livestock Report that was recently released by the Sacramento County Agricultural Commissioner’s Office showed that the area’s farmers and ranchers have set a record for their agricultural output, with a gross value of over $507 million.  The report reflected Sacramento Countynearly an eight percent increase from last year.  This is only the second time that Sacramento County has topped $500 million in production.

During her presentation to the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors, Sacramento County Agricultural Commissioner Juli Jensen said, “Wine grapes continue to rule as King in Sacramento County as they have for the past eight years and milk continues to hold onto the number two slot.”

Wine grape acreage grew by eight percent and yield per acre also increased 20 percent over last year.  Prices also experienced an 11 percent increase.  These factors contributed to bringing in more than $56 million, an overall increase of 44 percent from 2015.

Another significant contribution to the overall value was nursery stock which experienced an increase of 29 percent from the year before. Valued at nearly $31 million, nursery stock made it back into the top five agricultural products among wine grapes, milk, pears, and poultry.

While 2016 saw significantly more rainfall than years prior, commodities such as rice and wheat experienced substantial declines attributed to the lengthy drought.  Aquaculture also saw close to a 50 percent decrease from the year prior, mostly because of the sharp decline in the price for caviar.