Record Avocado Sales for Fourth of July

Brian GermanFruits & Vegetables

The California Avocado Commission announced that avocado sales in the U.S. totaled 118.3 million pounds in support of the Fourth of July holiday, marking the highest consumption rate ever for avocados during that period.  Initially, the pre-holiday estimate was 100 million pounds.  This year’s total eclipsed 2016 by close to 20 percent.  Memorial Day, which is the unofficial start date for the summer holiday season in the U.S., also saw a consumption rate of 118.3 million pounds of avocados.avocado sales

In California, production is down compared to last year, but demand and prices have remained strong.  This year has also seen less competition from producers in Mexico. The rainfall that California enjoyed this winter helped boost optimism in the industry, leading growers to plant more acreage or make improvements on existing orchards.  The rain was also effective in flushing out some of the salts in the soil, improving the overall health of the trees and also increasing fruit size.