Recapping the 2014 California State Fair by the Numbers

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California-State-FairThe California State Fair has completed another successful season with a 17-day run that ended on Sunday, July 27. The Fair has provided a recap by the numbers:

  • More than 750,000 guests came through the gates.
  • 159,242 cars were parked
  • 38 baby animals were born in the Baby Barn.
  • 3,696 pounds of crops were harvested and donated to food banks from The Farm.
  • 14,400 children completed the passport program at The Farm.
  • 2.5 tons of whole wheat flour, 1,000 lbs. of cream cheese and 1 ton of cinnamon sugar were used to make the Country Fair Cinnamon Rolls.
  • 75,000 corn dogs and 40,000 funnel cakes were eaten.
  • 13,119 wine slushies were served.
  • 12,191 scoops of gelato were served.
  • 2,601 jumps were made in the Freestyle Motocross Show.
  • 62,201 monorail rides were taken.
  • 612 guests were hypnotized.
  • 9,000 water efficient nozzles were given to guests to help save water
  • 2,725 yards of manure were removed from the livestock area.
  • 3.864 million feet of toilet paper were used.

California State Fair Sets New Attendance Records

Total attendance at the California State Fair grew by eight percent this year representing the highest attendance levels in six years. More than 750,000 guests came to see “The Best” of California on display during the 17-day State Fair (July 11-27). For the first time in more than 10 years, State Fair attendance levels exceeded 70,000 visitors on four separate days, three weekend days (7/19, 7/26 and 7/27) and the second Tuesday of the Fair (7/22) which was Wells Fargo Kids Day drawing 75,957 guests. Additionally, the California State Fair became the most “liked” fair in the Western United States on Facebook with a new fan level of 108,196.

A combination of expanded programming and entertainment that attracted a diverse group of individuals, positive social media messages by Fairgoers who helped spread their excitement virally, a strategic shift in the marketing campaign that focused on the best of California and the iconic blue ribbon, the addition of professional soccer games, and a doubling of advance ticket sales were some of the factors contributing to the overall increase.

State Fair organizers were pleased with these new records, noting that a number of challenges were overcome this year, including impacts of the drought, five days of temperatures in excess of 100 degrees, four wild land fires in the past three weeks on or near Cal Expo’s portion of the American River Parkway, a freeway closure on Wells Fargo Kid’s Day due to the fires, record viewership in California of the World Cup on the State Fair’s first Sunday, and rain on the State Fair’s second Sunday.

“Setting new attendance records during a summer of adverse weather, drought and fires, is a testament to the resiliency of the people of California and to the evolving relevance of the State Fair,” said Rick Pickering, CEO of the California Exposition and State Fair. Pickering stated that, “The 2014 State Fair’s theme of ‘The Best’ was designed to help celebrate, preserve, and inspire California’s most valuable asset – it’s people.”

2014 State Fair by the numbers: In addition to the number of attendees, officials estimate the following:

Guest Services
159,242 cars parked
47 lost phones returned to their owners
6,000 Bandaids given out by guest services
3,864,000 feet of toilet paper used

Social & Web
51,921 new Facebook fans since June 1, 2014 bringing the total to 108,196 — the most “liked’ fair in the western United States
589 social media posts by the State Fair, including 162 Facebook, 361 tweets and retweets and 66 Instagram posts during the Fair
756,459 total visits to the website since June 1, 2014
3.3 million page views on the website since June 1, 2014

Food & Beverage
75,000+ corn dogs eaten
40,000+ funnel cakes served
7,600 free, personalized Coca-Cola cans given out to guests
2.5 tons of whole wheat flour, 1,000 lbs. of cream cheese and 1 ton of cinnamon sugar used to make the Country Fair Cinnamon Rolls
2,156 State Fair Brewers’ Festival attendees
13,119 wine slushies served in the Save Mart Supermarkets Wine Country
12,191 scoops of gelato served by Colossal Gelato

38 animals born in the Baby Barn
6,393 livestock animals
2,725 yards of manure removed from the livestock area
214,710 dollars raised by 58 youth in the Tractor Supply Jr. Livestock Auction

2,601 jumps in the Jack in the Box Freestyle Motocross show
62,201 monorail rides
612 guests hypnotized on the PG&E Center Stage
500,000 dollars in horseracing capital improvements

3,696 lbs. of fresh food harvested from The Farm presented by Save Mart Supermarkets and donated to local food banks during fair.
2,500 completed Read to Ride book reports turned in for 5,000 free rides by Butler Amusements
10,700 tree seedlings given out to guests in Forest Center
14,400 kids completed the passport program in The Farm presented by Save Mart Supermarkets
9,000 water efficient nozzles given out to guests by Toro to help save water
29 pieces of art sold from the fine art exhibit

The 2015 California State Fair will be held in July and will include three weekends of exciting horse racing.

For more than 160 years, the California State Fair has showcased the best of the Golden State. During the 2014 State Fair more than 750,000 people experienced the best and made memories that will last a lifetime. Initiated by Governor Pat Brown and opened by Governor Ronald Reagan in 1968 the current Cal Expo facilities were dedicated as a place to celebrate California’s achievement, preserve a slice of Americana, and provide a window into the future.