Reasons to Plant in the Fall

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Cathy Isom has some important reasons why you should plant in the Fall rather than waiting until next Spring. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Reasons to Plant in the Fall

Spring is typically one of the most popular times to spruce up the yard and garden and plant those spring and summer veggies. But why wait? Now that summer is just about over and fall is upon us, here are some important reasons why you should get out and plant and spruce up that yard in the fall rather than delaying until next spring.

For starters, fall is usually a less busy time than spring, especially in garden centers. So you’re more likely to have better customer service and not deal with a crowd.

Nursery stock can also be a better value in the fall, so you’ll want to cash in on those fall promotions. Retailers might feature certain plants, such as perennials that are best planted in the fall like peonies and iris

Planting in the next few weeks and into early October will give roots time to establish before soil temperatures drop to 40 degrees. Watering will be much easier, too. Cooler temperatures and fall rains ease the task of keeping new plantings watered.

reasonsPotted trees, shrubs, and perennials that have grown in a garden center all season have a root system and plant structure that is better established than it was in spring, usually with the same price tag. That’s like getting a plant upgrade for the same money.

And just a tip. Plants in late summer aren’t always picture-perfect. They’re readying themselves for fall, and a bit of yellowing, changing leaf color or less-than-perfect foliage isn’t a problem. It’s normal.

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