Reasons to Leave Tree Removal to the Experts

DanForestry, This Land of Ours

Why you should leave it to the experts when it comes to removing trees on your property. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Image by hagenstaadt from Pixabay

Most often people want to remove a tree because it’s planted in the wrong location, has grown too big, or becomes a problem with the driveway and sidewalk. Or perhaps the tree is diseased, dead or cracked, making it a nuisance and hazard. The best way to take out a tree is to not leave it to amateurs. Even if think you can handle a tree-removal job on your own with a chain saw and ladder, there’s more to it than that.

If the limbs fall down on the ladder, you could fall too. If the tree you need to remove is less than 15 feet tall, generally, landscape maintenance companies can take care of it for you. For anything taller, consider a licensed tree-removal company.

Typically, tree-removal companies take care of the tree in three steps: They take it down, remove and dispose of the limbs, and then grind the stump into tiny chips. You can have the company do some or all of the steps. Some companies will even use a crane, chain saws and rope, to make sure it doesn’t fall on a house or garage

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Reasons Why Leaving Tree Removal to the Experts is Best