Why and How to Build a Bat House

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buildCathy Isom tells us why and how to build a house for a fantastic night time creature that you’ll want to keep around. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Reasons to Build a Bat House

Bats are overcoming centuries of bad publicity. In fact, they are fantastic to have around your home, especially your garden.

For example, one brown bat, about the size of a human thumb, can consume about 600 mosquitos in an hour. So why wouldn’t you want to welcome them home by building them a home of their own?

buildBat houses are generally thin boxes that are open on the underside so that the bats can get in and out. They should also have their own roofs and be located in fairly sheltered areas, such as the trunks of trees, eaves of homes, or tops of fences. These houses should also receive a bit of sunlight. They’re also designed so that these little guys can do what they like to do, dangle.

All you need is some thin plywood. About six feet of one-by-two, cut into one 24 inch strip and two 20 inch strips. A piece of one-by-four just over two feet long to make a good roof.

It’s important not to use treated wood, as it will harm the bats. Make sure to drill plenty of holes for ventilation.

Ideally, your bat house should be hung 12 to 15 feet off the ground. Either on a pole, wall, tree or something similar. Remember to hang it somewhere where the sun will hit it. And, paint it a darker color so that it stays warm.

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