Re-Using Mason Jars

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Mason Jars Multi-colored-Illuminated at Dusk
Cathy Isom tells us about some unique ways to re-purpose Mason Jars, just in time for the holidays. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Re-Using Mason Jars

Mason jars have been the tried and true container for food preservation since their invention in 1858. But beyond non-toxic canned food storage, mason jars are versatile and endlessly recyclable!

mason-jar-candle-lanternSo after you’ve eaten last summer’s pickles, here are a few ideas to re-purpose those beautiful glass jars. Use them for lighting. Whether its fitting them with electric wiring and bulbs and suspending them from the ceiling, or filling them with candles to create a gorgeous hanging chandelier. Tea lights look great in them too. Another popular way to reuse Mason jars, is using them to pack your lunch. Such as layering salads or making your own salad dressing or smoothies.

They’re also great tools for organization. Such as in your office. Keep pencils, pens, and other office supplies – or even craft supplies within arms reach. Or how about those seashells you collected from your day at the beach? Display them, or other souvenirs , and trinkets in inverted mason jars on your shelf.

Those jar even make great desktop speakers. Or simply place your portable music player into a jar to amplify the sound in a pinch. Mason jars make excellent planters for small plants. If you are comfortable working with glass, you can drill drainage into the bottom of the jar and use as you would a regular flower pot. Or you can affix jars to the wall for an attractive display The DIY possibilities are endless when it comes to mason jars and entertaining. Have fun and get creative with those canning jars. Christmas is right around the corner.