Questions You Should Ask at Your Farmers Market

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questionsYou need to learn more about the food you buy and prepare for your family Cathy Isom has some questions you may want to ask during your next visit to the Farmer’s Market. That’s stories ahead on This Land of Ours.

Questions You Should Ask at Your Farmers Market

When it comes to buying farm fresh produce from a Farmer’s Market, or say a roadside stand, even the cart on the street corner, so many questions immediately come to mind.

Where is exactly did these items come from?

And if we are really buying something that was produced in the local area.

It might also be: Wouldn’t it be nice to speak directly with the farmer himself. After all, we want to make sure that the food is exactly as its being advertised, such as organic for example.

We want to make sure the money is actually benefitting a local farmer.

Farmers Market in San Francisco, California USAThese are just a few questions to keep in mind on your next visit.

Also, it’s ok to ask where the farm is located. If that person doing the selling is really a farmer or working for the farmer. Just in case the produce was bought by the seller at wholesale and then passed off as their own.

You could ask: What growing practices are used? When were the items picked? If it’s something that looks to be out of season, that could be a red flag.

Another important question to ask is how to store and even prepare the items your buying. Farmers have a pretty good idea on how to prepare different things. Especially if they are eating what they’re growing.

Depending on how often you visit, whether it’s every week or once a month, you’ll want to ask the farmer what you might expect to see next. If you’re lucky enough, they might even invite you to visit the farm.

Taking the time to ask some of these questions will not only help you make the best food choices. But you might also learn something new about farming.

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