Public Water Conversation in Central Valley

Taylor Hillman Water

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The Los Angeles Times has a series called The California Conversation and the event stopped in Clovis to start a public water conversation.

Water managers, agriculture leaders and journalists gathered in the Central Valley to join in a public water conversation. The LA Times and Netafim sponsored the event that led a discussion with California Department of Agriculture Secretary Karen Ross and a panel of water managers, growers and environmental activists.

Permanent Crops Trend
Ross headlined the event with a one-on-one conversation with LA Times writer Peter King. King asked Ross about the continued trend of growers switching to permanent crops like nut trees.

Growers switching to permanent crops

Ross was then asked in a follow-up question if government or the public should have a say in what crops are grown as farmers use a public resource such as water.

Input on crops grown

Losing Sleep
With some laughter from the crowd, King surprised Ross a little with a quick-fired question. “What keeps you up at night?”

What keeps you up at night?

Finally, King asked Ross where we go from here and is this something California can get together on and figure out.

Moving forward