Public and Private Sector See Growth Potential in Organic Production

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A variety of industry reports have shown that the organic sector is continuing to become even more valuable. Organic production is receiving increased interest on a federal level due to the environmental benefits that it can provide. Director of Legislative Affairs for the Organic Trade Association, Megan Debates said it’s an exciting time in the organic industry. The feeling among industry members is that there is even more potential for organic that will spur continued investment by the public and private sectors.

“There’s opportunity here for farmers to take advantage of that market in the U.S. and produce it domestically while also helping to mitigate climate change. I think policymakers understand that now more than ever and they’re ready to promote solutions that are voluntary, that help farmers, but also address climate change,” Debates explained. “I think there’s a lot of interest in the private markets too – especially the private sector – in investing in carbon offsets. This could be a real opportunity if farmers transition to organic where they could earn additional income from sectors that are looking to offset their carbon emissions.”

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Public and Private Sector See Growth Potential in Organic Production
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