Pruning Importance and Long-Term Goals

Taylor Hillman Specialty Crops, Tree, nut & vine crops

Many growers had questions and concerns about pruning in general at a recent avocado meeting. Cooperative Extension Farm Advisor Ben Fabor reminded growers throughout the state about the importance of proper pruning, long-term benefits from that pruning and some new trends in the industry.

Avocado growers got a pruning lesson at the last Avocado Growers Seminar Series. Fabor reminded growers that any tree pruning will look like a deterrent at first, but although growers may not see benefits from pruning right away, a properly pruned tree will decrease the yield variability from year to year.

Pruning for Long-Term Benefits

New growth is key for avocado trees, and Fabor says this is why pruning is so important. He says pruning remains important for many agriculture plants, and doing it early and as easy as possible is important to establish a healthy routine.

Pruning Early and Easily

Some avocado growers are looking at high-density farming, but that can be an expensive endeavor. Fabor said although there’s some hope with the new technique and its ability to produce more yield, he’s only seen a few growers with small trials.

High-Density Farming Can Be Costly