Proposed Neonicotinoid Mitigations Are Moving Forward

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The proposed neonicotinoids mitigations from that the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) are moving forward. It has been a lengthy process for DPR to address the material. The comment period on the proposed mitigations officially ended on October 30. Mitigation efforts are being proposed in response to the concern raised about how neonicotinoids impact bees and other pollinators. The proposed actions will affect clothianidin, imidacloprid, dinotefuran, and thiamethoxam products.

Neonicotinoid Mitigations

“We have proposed some mitigation proposals and we brought those to the public in the form of some webinars that we did earlier in the summer,” said DPR Director Val Dolcini. “We’ve received a number of comments from the ag industry and others on that. We’re going to continue that public process. We’ve certainly met with folks who are interested in those proposals to tell them a little bit more about the things that we’re hoping to accomplish and also taking the feedback that we get from industry.”

In July of 2018 DPR published a risk determination document for neonicotinoids in California. An addendum based on newly available information was made to the California Neonicotinoid Risk Determination the following year. “We’ve been working on neonics for about ten years here at the department. It’s a long and thoughtful and deliberative process when you’re developing proposals around pesticides of any sort and neonics are no exception,” Dolcini noted.

The proposed neonicotinoids mitigations are using a multi-level approach. DPR has evaluated numerous studies for each active ingredient, including studies on honeybee toxicity as well as pollen and nectar residue. Proposed actions would make some limitations on access for applicators as well as limitations on the mode of application. DPR is also partnering with the California Department of Food and Agriculture for the development of an economic analysis. DPR is currently reviewing the comments on the proposed mitigations. The formal rulemaking is expected sometime after the new year.

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