Proposed Federal Milk Marketing Order

Taylor Hillman Cattle, Dairy & Livestock, General

The upcoming World Ag Expo is about much more than just showcasing new farm hardware. For example, it’s also an opportunity for dairy producers to learn about possible major marketing changes to their industry.

Three big California dairy coops are sponsoring a seminar dealing with the proposal of setting up a Federal Milk Marketing Order in the state.

Folks from Land O’Lakes, California Dairies and Dairy Farmers of America make up the discussion panel.

Currently California is not part of a federal government milk marketing order…. Which sets minimum pricing standards.
For more than 75-years California has used its own milk pricing structure.
All dairy producers are encouraged to attend the seminar on Wednesday morning….starting at 9:30 at World Ag Expo in Tulare.
For more information on the World Ag Expo and the seminars, click here.