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What Does President Trump Mean for Canada

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Experts who spoke recently with the Global News website agreed on one thing when it comes to President-elect Donald Trump and relations with Canada: It will not be business as usual. The United States is the largest trading partner for Canada and Trump is more protectionist than pro-trade and that has Canada concerned. Trump has pledged to pull the U.S. out of the North American Free Trade agreement, which would have a significant impact on Canada’s economy. Debra Steger, a former Canadian negotiator at the World Trade Organization, points out that Trump is talking about pulling out of NAFTA, “but he hasn’t even called to see if Prime Minister Trudeau is willing to re-negotiate.” Steger also questioned the legality of some of Trump’s trade ideas, saying they may violate WTO trade regulations. Trump’s stance against the Trans-Pacific Partnership also has Canada concerned. Colin Robertson, Vice President of the Canadian Global Affairs Institute, says TPP likely won’t go anywhere with Trump in office, so that means Canada has to think about possibly negotiating separate deals with Japan and Mexico.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting news service.