Preparing for The Next Round of Livestock Methane Reduction Funding

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The funding amount for the upcoming round of livestock methane reduction funding has been significantly reduced in the most recent State budget.  With significant interest in the program, it is a good idea to get started with the application process early. 

“Livestock agriculture has received $99 million in each of the last two years for methane reduction from manure and in this year’s state budget it’s $34 million,” said Paul Sousa, Director of Environmental Services for Western United Dairymen.  “We do have legislation that requires us to reduce manure methane emissions by 40 percent, and so it’s important that we get some incentives to be able to do that.”

The funds are expected to be released by the California Department of Food and Agriculture through the Dairy Digester Research and Development Program and Alternative Manure Management Program sometime in early 2020.  CDFA is expecting applications to be due sometime in March of next year.  Because the application period does not provide ample time to put together a quality application within that timeframe, those interested in applying are encouraged to begin that process now. 

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Preparing for The Next Round of Livestock Methane Reduction Funding
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