Positive Impacts from Extreme Weather Events

Taylor HillmanDrought, Water

positive impacts
Looking from a historical perspective, California should see some positive impacts from this drought.

Positive Impacts from Weather Events

UC Davis Director of Watershed Sciences Jay Lund spoke at the recent Sustainable Ag Expo in San Luis Obispo. Lund reminded attendees that it takes an extreme weather event, like this drought, to mold current state water policy.

Recent Drought News from California Drought Watch
It’s that time of year when winter storms typically hit California, bringing plenty of snow and rain vital for agriculture, drinking water and recreation. But we’re in a prolonged drought, which according to climatologist Mike Anderson with the Department of Water Resources is expected to continue. Hear from Mike Anderson.

How likely is it that we’ll see another dry year? Hear Lund run down the numbers. Lund and other water experts agree that even if there’s a significantly wet winter, water levels in reservoirs and aquifers are already so low, recovery will be difficult. Researchers at the Center for Watershed Sciences try to predict how much precipitation will fall each year. It’s a guessing game that even Anderson the weatherman doesn’t know,“There’s a lot of uncertainty, which is not what people want to hear. So, stay tuned.”