Port Conditions Improving, But Still Work to Be Done

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Port Conditions

The challenging conditions in the Los Angeles port are beginning to slowly improve, but there is still work to be done to bring efficiency back up to where it was before the pandemic. Executive Director of the Port of Los Angeles and President of the California Association of Port Authorities, Gene Seroka provided information about port congestion to the California State Board of Food and Agriculture at its most recent meeting. Seroka explained that things are moving at a better pace in the L.A. port, however there are still challenges to overcome.

“The average time a ship sits in anchor now for the month of April is 6.7 days. While it’s down, it needs to be zero. The days after discharge, how long a container sits in a terminal before it moves is 3.9 days, down from a high of five. We’re getting some traction,” said Seroka. “Our importers on occasion have been using these marine terminals as warehousing space because all of our other proper facilities are full.  Street dwell time for those containers waiting for space at our warehouses is now at 6.5 days, almost double what it was previously before the surge.”

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Port Conditions Improving, But Still Work to Be Done
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