Planting Christmas Trees for Yearly Harvest

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plantingCathy Isom began her Christmas tree series telling you about the different types of trees, and some of their good qualities. Today, Cathy is letting you know how to get started planting your own Christmas tree. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Planting Christmas Trees for Yearly Harvest

The first step is picking your Christmas tree variety.

Step two, picking the perfect spot where you’ll plant it. The seedlings for your tree variety of choice should be planted in a place with full sun and well-draining soil. If it’s more than one tree you’re planting, the trees should be planted in rows with the seedlings eight feet apart. The rows should also be eight feet apart from each other, too. Planting this way will give the roots room to spread and the trees room to bush out. As crucial as spacing is, the depth you plant your trees matters even more. It’s essential they be planted the same depth they were when the nursery started the seedlings.

If you’d like to have trees each year for Christmas, consider staggering the planting of each seedling. For instance, plant a few rows of seedlings one year. Doing this should give you personal trees and a few to share or sell. The next year, plant a few more rows and continue the pattern to make sure you have trees each year for harvest.

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