How Much to Plant in the Garden

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gardenHave you ask yourself-how many tomato plants fo I need to plant? Cathy Isom is taking the guesswork out of how much to grow in your garden. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

How Much to Plant in the Garden

When it comes to knowing your garden and how much you’ll actually need to plant for your family, sometimes it’s a bit of a guessing game.

To figure out how many vegetables to plant, check the link on our website that can help! Just enter your family size, check the box next to the fruits and vegetables you desire, and this nifty tool will do the rest.

For example, a family four, it will require 6 plants and 24 feet of space to provide roughly 12 pounds of harvest. If it’s Cherry Tomatoes, 35 plants will be needed and about 46 feet of row length to provide about a 68 pound harvest. Just a disclaimer that the numbers in the table may vary by family and the amount of yield for each plant could be affected by many factors including soil quality, water, weather, pests/diseases, and location.

The calculator should be used as a rough estimation and adjust numbers according to your needs.

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